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Hello. My name is Konstantin. I ask to consider my CV to position project manager. Until now I worked at a position "the head of design department" in "Miratorg" agroholding. It is sure, my previous experience in "Miratorg" and as in other earlier companies, in positions of the project manager, Chief Architect, Chief Engineer Supervisor will allow me to count on this position. In case of your interest, I will be glad within interview to answer all questions interesting you. It is possible to contact me by e-mail: Koshkin_KA@pisem.net, phone: +79192202565 or skype - koshaen In advance I thank you for attention and time found for my candidate
Контакт: Konstantin
Регион работы: Работа в Шри-Ланке
Опыт работы: more than 10 years
Образование: Higher
Пол: male
Возраст: 33
Резюме по рубрикам: СМИ, редактор, перевод, Менеджеры, Дизайн, оформление, Руководство, Работа за рубежом
Зарплата: 1500 Написать автору
19.11.2017 Konstantin До 01.06.2015 542 / 0

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