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Dear Manager, it is my pleasure that I’m writing this letter in addition to my application for the position of warehouseman. I noticed your advertisement on internet and the qualifications listed match my education and work experience . I have been employed by US government prime vendor company in the position of storekeeper for 5 years. Our team of 12 kept 3 storage facilities dry, freezer and chilled which provided best quality food for US military. My direct duties operating a forklift, picking orders and delivering, maintaining the inventory, controlling expiration dates, unloading and loading the pallets. I always use my best skills and judgment to perform my job accurately, quickly and handle tight deadlines. I’m good team player, fast lerner , honest, responsible. I believe that my experience and bright personality will add value to your team and make significant contribution to your company. I’m available for interview at any time and hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely yours; Samidin . 26.08.14.
Контакт: Самидин Мамбеталиев
Телефон: 0771479890
Регион работы: Работа в Бахрейне
Опыт работы: 9
Образование: высший
Пол: мужской
Возраст: 28
Вакансия по рубрикам: Торговля, продажи, Ресторан, кулинария
Зарплата: 1500 Написать автору
21.11.2018 Самидин Мамбе... До 26.12.2014 816 / 0

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