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Doncaster Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the supply of generic and parallel imported products at the keenest possible prices. We are committed to delivering a clear and reliable pharmaceutical short line service to the South of England and Beyond. Our products inludes; A vast range of: Generics, Parallel Imports, Ethicals, Feeds, Surgicals, OTC's Pharmacy Dispensing Range, Veterinary Products, Specials - we look for talented people to grow our business, advance our science and contribute to our unique culture. The vacant positions includes Research Assistant Principal Statistician Project Manager Head of Procurement Administrative Assitant
Контакт: Carrie Jones
Регион работы: Работа в Великобритании
Вакансия по рубрикам: Логистика, склад, ВЭД, Работа за рубежом, Подработка
23.05.2018 Carrie Jones До 24.11.2014 544 / 0

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