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Personal characteristics:
Vocational important qualities: hard working, have a high capacity for work, executive, able to work as a team, quick learner, proactive, organized, tactful, communication, initiative, love of, easily overcome.

Personality: Sociable, sympathetic, emotionally stable, friendly, responsible, neat, polite.


Good English, Turkish, Chinese (a dictionary).


Date of Birth - 05.05.1987g. (Years - 24), the state of health - excellent, bad habits - not available. Actively engaged in self-education: sports (football, skiing), dancing, languages, fond of sports cars, racing, tuning, religion, travel.
The presence of human B category (driving experience 3 years).
Computer skills: general level - the "power user": office software (Windows, Microsoft Office), Internet, E-mail. Good knowledge of 1C 7.7, 8.1 Enterprise (Complete), Sail, frigate, Makas Katalog, LOGO LKS, Uzel, A9Cad. Experience using office equipment.
2-week courses of tourism manager, 2-week course manager, reception and accommodation at the hotel.

- Salaries from $ 1500
- Full time
- Work visa
- Flat for living
- Food
- Trips, travel - possible.
I ready for living in another country.
Контакт: Ekaterina
Телефон: 0079617204182
Регион работы: Работа в Австрии
Опыт работы: 8 years
Образование: engineer-economist
Пол: famale
Возраст: 24
Резюме по рубрикам: Менеджеры, Офисный персонал, HR, Торговля, продажи, Туризм, спорт, Логистика, склад, ВЭД, Руководство, Работа за рубежом
Зарплата: no less then 1200 $ Написать автору
24.05.2019 Ekaterina До 29.12.2013 2059 / 0

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