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Dear Organization: As I am writing this cover letter to describe myself and and my purpose disclosure of my perspective sides necessary for your organization serves. Working on Internet open spaces I came across your company and I found it perspective for career growth. Having examined its operation I decided to submit an application about acceptance for operation. Having a great interest I would like to show myself in the profession in your company. Having graduated from Right faculty at the Baku State University in 2012 and having gained the diploma in 2013 I had no opportunity to test itself in law. My estimates during my training good and the higher. For the entire period of the training I proved to be as diligent, ambitious, quickly trained, highly operable, tried to carry out the tasks set for me honestly. Recently I gained certificates knowledge of English and a method of its training. Now I huge eagerness to work, at me have an aspiration to the professional growth and self-improvement I want to work systematically over increase of a personal professional standard I suppose working in your company I will achieve goals. Sincerely, Zeyneb
Контакт: Zeyneb Safarova
Регион работы: Работа в Мэрилэнде
Опыт работы: 2year
Образование: Bachelor
Пол: Female
Возраст: 25
Резюме по рубрикам: Образование, наука, Юристы, страхование, Офисный персонал, HR, Логистика, склад, ВЭД, Руководство, Работа за рубежом
Зарплата: $5000 Написать автору
17.02.2019 Zeyneb Safaro... До 31.12.2015 1047 / 0

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