YouTube salary

For many years, YouTube has been the largest and most powerful online video hosting service in the world. He has long become familiar to everyone and is not a sensation for anyone. Following the habit, stability and reliability in every sense also came. In order to watch all the videos that are currently posted, it will take more than 1000 years, but by the time you watch them, there will be more than a billion of them. More than two billion video views per day. With such indicators, it is unlikely that someone will succeed in removing YouTube from the site of the most popular video hosting.

Such popularity, huge volumes of traffic and registered users also attract the corresponding finances. To which YouTube can invite all of its most distinguished and most creative users.

Any creative person with a developed entrepreneurial spirit can turn an online video channel into a stable and very decent income. True, as noted earlier, only the most distinguished and creative will receive such a chance. Just creating a channel and uploading a few videos to it is not enough. To monetize your channel and all videos, you need to get confirmation on the affiliate program from YouTube, and for this, you need to have more than 100 subscribers, and at least 3,000 views of all videos (In some cases, the number can vary from 3,000 to 7,000). Buy fast youtube subscribers In total, that’s all . From this moment, you will begin to receive money for viewing advertisements posted by YouTube on your videos. It’s quite difficult to say how much you can earn from watching a video, as the amount varies based on the number of total views of the channel, its duration and even geographical location. Nevertheless, approximately the channel will earn from 50 to 150 dollars per day, subject to the availability of 100,000 views per day. Having such a stable number of views per day, such a channel can earn up to $ 4,100 per month.

But alas and ah, only a few manage to achieve such indicators. For many, it is impossible to get even the required minimum number of subscribers and views to open an affiliate program with YouTube. Someone, on the contrary, is incredibly lucky, and someone thanks to a random video gains more than a million views in one day, and thereby ensures the further prosperity of his channel.

Therefore, the first and most important pitfall on the way to monetizing your YouTube channel is promotion. It’s not always possible for bloggers to choose the appropriate topic, and even having a theme, not everyone knows how to properly implement themselves.

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